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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Best Homeopathic Treatment of Mental Retardation and Growth Problems in Children

Mental Retardation is mainly known as a disability describe be momentous limitations for both in intellectual and functioning. This is a flexible behavior as expressed in visionary, social, and practical adaptive skills. Before 18th century we find this type of disability. According to the American Association mental retardation is present from childhood. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention define, in the 1990 mental retardation 2 to 3 percent of general population meet the criteria of mental retardation.  Mental retardation begins from childhood or boyhood before the age of 18.  Developmental delay is defined as the delay in the development of a child as normally expected at his/her age. This types of developmental delay are may be seen in one or more areas. There are different areas where a child may show developmental delay like speech and language, gross/fine motor activities, thinking and understanding skills, social and emotional development. When within the given time period a child is not able to do the following activities, there may be a developmental delay and medical help is needed:
At 6 months: Child does not roll over – both in the front and back, achieve head control, sit up with support and start to babble.
At 9 months: Child does not crawl, sit without support, respond to familiar names this is also the biggest sign of developmental delay.
At 12-15 months: When Child does not say 1-2 words and stand without support or start to walk.
At 2 years:  When Child does not speak at least 10-15 words or can’t walk in this situation medical help is needed.
What are the main causes of Development Delay in a child?
There are many reasons for development delay but the exact cause of developmental delay in a child may be hard to pinpoint. The major ones are premature birth, complication during pregnancy, genetic disorder like Down’s syndrome or loss of hearing. Autism Spectrum disorder is also a symptom of development delay.

Signs of Mental Retardation:
Presently there are many different signals of intellectual disability in children. Signs may show up during infancy, or they might not exactly be noticeable until a child reaches college age. It often is determined by the severity of the disability. Some of the most frequent indications of intellectual impairment are:
-              Rolling over, resting up, crawling, or walking late
-              Talking late or having trouble with discussing
-              Slow to master things such as potty training, dressing, and feeding himself or himself
-              Difficulty remembering things
-              Inability to hook up actions with implications
-              Behavior problems such as explosive tantrums
-              Difficulty with problem-solving or reasonable pondering
-        In children with severe or profound intelligent disability, there may be other health problems as well. These problems can include seizures, mental disorders, motor unit handicaps, vision problems, or hearing problems.
Diagnosis of Mental Retardation:
Mental retardation is diagnosed by looking at two main things. These are:
-              The capacity of a person's brain to learn, think, solve problems, and make sense of the world (called IQ or intellectual functioning); and
-              Whether the person provides the skills he or she needs to live independently (called adaptive patterns or adaptive functioning).
Mental functioning, or IQ, is usually measured by a test called an IQ test. The average report is 100. People score below 70 to seventy-five are thought to have mental retardation. To evaluate adaptive behavior, professionals look at exactly what a university child can do compared to other children of their age. Selected skills are crucial to adaptable behavior.

They are:
-              Daily living skills, such as getting dressed, visiting the bathroom, and feeding one's self;
-              Communication skills, such as understanding what is said and being able to answer;
-              Social skills with friends, family members, adults, and others.
Best Homeopathic Treatment of Mental Retardation:
Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of remedies. The selection of cure is based on the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using all natural approach. This can be the only way through which a situation of complete health can be regained by taking away all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy isn't only to treat but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. Because far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies can be found to treat mental retardation is diagnosed in children that can be selected based on cause, sensations, and modalities of the complaints. For individual solution selection and treatment, the patient should check with a qualified homeopathic doctor face-to-face. There are next remedies which can be helpful in the treatment of mental retardation of children:
Baryta Carb, Carcinosin, Aethusa, Baryta Mur, Bufo, Calcaria Phos, Carb Sulph, Helleborus Niger, Medorrhinum, Phosphorous, Tuberculinum, Agaricus, Anacardium, Antim Crude, Belladonna, Capsicum, Chamomilla, Hyoscyamus, Mercurius, Natrum Mur, Nux Vomica, Plumbum Met, Stramonium, Tabacum, and many other drugs.
Steps to help your intellectually disabled child include:
-              Learn everything you can about intellectual disabilities. The more you know the better advocate you can be for your young one.
-              Encourage your children's independence. Allow your child try new things and encourage your child to do something by him or herself. Provide assistance when it's needed and present positive feedback when your child does something well or masters something new.
-              Get your kids involved in group activities. Taking an art class or engaged in Scouts will help your child build social skills.
-              Stay involved. By keeping in touch with your child's teachers, you'll be able to follow his or her progress and reinforce what your child is learning at the university through practice at home.

-              Get to know other parents of intellectually handicapped children. They can be a great method to obtain advice and emotional support. For more detail contact us at + 91-9999367159 or visit

Friday, 9 February 2018

Homeopathic Doctor in Delhi for Autism Treatment – Dr. Naval Kumar

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neuro-developmental disorder present from birth and can be diagnosed in most cases before the age of 3 years. This type of disorder is a serious disorder that damage a child ability to communicate and interact with others. It can be described by impairment in social interaction, communication and language difficulty, and difficulty in imagination and hypothetical thinking. Generally, the child may display restricted and repetitive behavior. These children are hypo and hypersensitive to sound, light, and touch which may appear very normal to us. Autism affects the development of the kid inflicting it to possess an unsuccessful life. We tend to all surprise if this disorder will be cured. Would like that these innocent little children fancy and knowledge their life just like the alternative kids. But, there's no such in agreement cure for the syndrome. In addition to these, the child may also have additional difficulties in the area of Sensory Integration. If there is no cure for this disorder, early treatment can make big difference in the lives of many children’s.  The Autism Spectrum Disorder can be characterized into three parts:
1.            Social Interaction
2.            Rigidity in Thought and Behavior
3.            Communication and Languages
Many Children with ASD may show loss and deterioration in the social development i.e. may be impairment developing appropriate social skills.
Sometime, some children’s may be able to discuss in detail about their particular topic but may draw blank when they need to ask for basic needs such as going to the toilet and when asked a specific question.
Many children with ASD may show ritualistic or obsessive behavior, difficulty in imagination and weak central coherence (difficulty in observing the whole picture instead get stuck on one detail of the object). Thus the child with ASD could feel disturbed when some routines are suddenly changed.
Autism spectrum disorder has no single known cause. Given the complexity of the disorder and the fact that symptoms and severity vary, there are probably many causes. Both genetics and environment may play a role.
Genetic problems: Several different genes appear to be concerned with autism spectrum disease. For a few children, autism spectrum disease can be associated with a genetic disorder, which includes Rett syndrome or fragile X syndrome. For others, genetic changes may also make a child greater at risk of autism spectrum sickness or create environmental hazard elements. Still, different genes may also affect mental development or the way that mind cells communicate, or they will decide the severity of symptoms. Some genetic issues appear to be inherited, whilst others show up spontaneously.
Environmental factors: Researchers are currently exploring whether such factors as viral infections, complications during pregnancy or air pollutants play a role in triggering autism spectrum disorder.

Autism spectrum ailment influences how a toddler perceives and socializes with others, causing troubles in crucial areas of development social interaction, communication, and presence. A few children display signs of ASD in early infancy. Other children can also increase generally for the first few months or years of existence, but then all at once grow to be withdrawn or competitive or lose language competencies they've already acquired.

Each child with ASD is likely to have a unique pattern of behavior and level of severity — from low functioning to high functioning. Intensity is based on interpersonal communication deterioration and the restrictive and repetitive characteristics of behaviors, along with how these impact the ability to function. As a result of a unique mixture of symptoms shown in each child, severity level can sometimes be difficult to determine. However, within the range (spectrum) of symptoms, below are some common HOSTING ARTICLES actions and behaviors.
Best Homeopathic treatment of Autism:
The homeopathic method to handling serious disorders being totalistic and aiming at treating the genetic tendencies with a well strategic management offers effective treatment for autism and related disorders. The homeopathic case analysis of the child with autism incorporates the detailed analysis of the family background of serious diseases, which are known to form the genetic ground for autism. The situation analysis also takes into account reduced functions in conditions of behavior, social skills, communication, speech, tantrums, etc.
The commonly homeopathic medicines mentioned for autism are about twenty in number. The actual medicine, its combo to support medicines, its medication dosage and repetition rely upon the true history. The medicines are essentially safe and absolutely non-toxic. In our research at our center, we have observed encouraging results in autism children when treated with homeopathy for over six months. The treatment may need being continuing for over one full year, depending on the severity of the business presentation. The homeopathic medicines can be combined with other traditional measures.
Homeopathy is practiced in two forms – classical and complex. In classical homeopathy, the homeopathic doctor takes a detail case history, tries to identify the root or exciting cause of an illness, and prescribed a single homeopathic remedy at a time to the patient. In complex homeopathy, many medicines for a given condition are mixed in a bottle and given at a time. Classical Homeopathy is the pure form of homeopathy and offers deep and lasting cures.

When you consult a classical homeopath for homeopathy treatment of autism, he will note the full case history of your child. This will include your child’s current medical complaints, their onset, modalities, past medical history, mother’s history during pregnancy, family history, exploration of any stress points or causes for current illness, and a detailed assessment of your child’s mental and emotional makeup. After this exhaustive case history and analysis, the homeopath identifies a homeopathic medicine that covers your child’s ASD symptoms and conditions the best. Such a remedy, when well selected, can bring significant changes in many difficult and inveterate cases.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Dr Naval Kumar - Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Facial Hyperpigmentation

Nowadays, facial hyperpigmentation is common and can cause significant plastic disfigurement with subsequent psychological impact. Hyperpigmentation can cause significant distress as the dark spots tend to appear on the face area, hands, and other highly obvious body parts which may have used the sun, and can be difficult to cover.
What is hyperpigmentation? And how come it takes place?
When melanin is overproduced in certain spots on the skin that time hyperpigmentation occurs.
If we are talking about hyperpigmentation result then you can find the flat, dim patches of skin that are light brown to black in color, and can vary in size and shape.
There are many types of hyperpigmentation, but the following are the most popular:
Pigment places such as age areas are caused by sunshine exposure. For this reason, they appear mainly on body parts that are frequently exposed, including the face, hands, and arms. That they tend to be small, darkened patches of skin area.
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs when a skin injury or trauma heals and leaves a flat area of discoloration behind. It's commonly found among acne afflicted people, and can even be caused by cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion, laser treatment, and chemical peels. There are some other factors that can cause patches of skin area to become darker but these are not considered as hyperpigmentation but we can discuss these patches - such as scarring, birthmarks, solar or actinic keratoses and skin cancers.
Melasma / Chloasma
Chloasma is a skin ailment that can affect 50-70% of conceived women. Also known as MELASMA or "The Hide of Pregnancy". Chloasma is characterized by symmetrical sections of dark skin, commonly seen on the face, upper lip, forehead and chin that can look like a mask pattern, like a raccoon. People with darker complexions who have a tendency to tan well are more likely to develop this problem. Chloasma occurs most often throughout the summertime, due to increased sunshine exposure.
Ayurvedic remedying of facial foundation hyperpigmentation:
Your skin is actually natural color is a result of melanin which is in charge of pigmentation. Once your skin produces extra melanin, a condition known as hyperpigmentation occurs, going out of you with darkened epidermis tone in certain areas. Hyperpigmentation is caused by sun damage, health concerns, or previous skin infection. Consult your dermatologist before attempting to take care of hyperpigmentation at home, to be able to determine any underlying health concerns that may require professional treatment.
Stage 1
Apply over-the-counter aloe vera gel or the carbazide peroxide gel from a fresh Aloe Vera plant to your skin daily. According to the website Skin Whitening. org, aloe vera gel is a highly effective home treatment for hyperpigmentation, with results becoming noticeable within a few months.
 Step 2
Apply an over-the-counter hydroquinone cream to fade hyperpigmentation, suggests Medline Plus. Hydroquinone creams work by wearing down abundant melanin formations and redistributing pigmentation. Do not use for more than three weeks as there is a risk of your skin becoming too light, a condition known as hypopigmentation.

Step 3
Visit your dermatologist for a chemical peel to remove the damaged tiers of skin and promote proper melanin distribution, implies Skin Whitening org. Chemical peels are natural fruit gastric acids and lactic acids used to slough off the outer layers of pores and skin to give it a more even tone.
Stage 4
You can reduce your facial hyperpigmentation by consulting your medical doctor for laser remedy treatment. This remedy involves targeting melanin debris with a highly targeted light beam. This causes melanin to be redistributed through your skin, lightening darker areas.
Step 5

Apply sunscreen and skin styles when going outdoors. Relating to MedLine Plus, this will protect the skin from further damage and hyperpigmentation. Further sun damage will sabotage your efforts at skin lightening.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Dr Naval Kumar – India’s Best Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma

The term 'asthma' is taken from the Greek meaning ' panting' or 'labored breathing'. Asthma is a condition characterized by a paroxysmal wheezing respiration dyspnoea (difficulty in breathing), mainly expiratory. Asthma is a disease that intermittently influences the lungs. When it attacks, the lungs become infected and the airways slim. The sufferer's chest reduces, breathing becomes difficult or wheezy, and a consistent cough may develop - especially during the night. Asthma can be triggered by allergic reactions or have its starting point from a stressful amount of life such as infection, a grief, or even the birthday of a baby. Thousands die from asthma each year. That is a serious disease that is increasing in frequency. For children and adults alike, they have difficulty to breathe during an asthma attack can be a frightening experience. Whilst conventional medications relieve many of the symptoms of asthma, they can cure it. With homeopathy, it is a different story.
The key Causes of Asthma:
Regarding the etiology, bronchial asthma is broken into the following groups:
1. Sensitive (extrinsic/ atopic) Asthma - This type of bronchial asthma usually starts in child years and is often forwent by eczema. But almost all of the young adults (<35 yrs.) developing bronchial asthma also fall into this category. Genetic factors also play a tremendous role we this. Through this type of asthma, the allergen causes the production of abnormal (IgE) immunoglobulins.
2. Infective or Intrinsic Asthma - This is not genetic or allergic, but may be caused by, or at least associated with an upper respiratory area or bronchial infection which is usually viral.
3. Emotional Asthma - Internal factors (like anxiety, psychological stress etc.) are often considered to be the only cause of some asthmatic attacks, but it is still not certain whether it can be the only cause or is merely a precipitating factor.
4. Occupational asthma - This can take place in certain industries in which there exists exposure to metallic dust particles (esp. platinum salts), natural detergents, toluene diisocyanate, polyurethane material, flour and dust from grains and so on
Whatever may be the cause, it finally causes paroxysms of bronchial blockage produced by widespread bronchial spasm accentuated by inserting of the bronchi with excessive mucus.
Repeated episode of paroxysmal dyspnea (difficulty in breathing)
The breathing is labored, with a wheezing sound, mainly on expiration.
Asthma problems often occur in the early hours of the morning (when you cannot find any immediate precipitating cause). Throughout the strike patients often likes to sit then lie down.
Homeopathic medicines for Bronchial asthma
1) Arsenic Record - Among the best Homeopathic drugs for asthma with panic
There are powerful uneasiness and anxiety with coughing and wheezing. He could be incapable to find a comfortable position and keeps hurling and turning around. Desire is increased but refreshments slightly at a time. Asthma is worse at midnight. Lying down is difficult as he is unable to breathe and feels suffocated? Therefore, you will have to sit down up in bed. The problem is aggravated in cold air and with a change of weather. At the same time, the person feels better after taking in warm drinks. There is a pain in the top right chest. Expectoration is scanty and frequently frothy. The air passages usually feel restricted.
2. Ipecac- 1 of the best Naturopathic remedies for asthma with nausea and vomiting
Found in case vomiting exists with asthmatic attacks, Ipecac is one of the better homeopathic remedies for asthma. There is continual nausea, so much so that he might feel nauseated almost all of the time. In times, this nausea may well not be relieved even after vomiting. The chest appears to be loaded with mucous. Right now there is rattling cough. Coughing is present but will not help in minimizing the mucous load. Challenges are aggravated by hot and humid weather. This kind of medicine is indicated much more in adults and children who are a little fat. Your oral cavity is mostly moist and there is an increased amount of salvation. The tongue is usually clean and is not covered.
3. Antim Tart- 1 of the best Holistic medicines for asthma with rattling
In instances where there is rattling cough like breasts are packed with loose mucous, Antrim Tart is among the finest homeopathic medicines for breathing difficulties. There is little expectoration of mucous. The coughing is triggered by eating. There may be drowsiness and weak point. It can be more suited to old people and young children. The patient seems weak and sleepy. There exists burning feeling in the chest and in some cases, there is a sensation of something velvety inside the chest. This kind of burning sensation may clamber to the throat. Frequently, there exists hoarseness of words accompanying the other symptoms of asthma. The coughing often increases after eating anything. The breathlessness is often relieved by eructation’s. At the same time, the cough is better by lying on the right side.

4. Nux Vomica- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for asthma from gastric disruption
In cases where the asthmatic attack is induced by gastric disturbance, Nux Vomica is one of the better holistic medicines for asthma. The web likely to be a whole lot worse in the morning. There is certain sense of fullness in the stomach along with asthma. There is dried out and hacking cough. Buying angry brings on an attack of asthma. The problem is worse in winters. There is a sensation of scraping in the throat. Along with the respiratory symptoms, the stomach seems full and heavy, more so in the morning or right after eating. There is a cough with a discomfort as if there are some things being torn inside the breasts. At the same time, the cough causes frustration or a bruised pain in the epigastric or the stomach region.

5. Carbo Veg- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for asthma with blueness of faceWhen the face of the patient becomes bluish along with an asthmatic attack, Carbo Veg is one of the best homeopathic medicines for asthma. There is coldness of the hands and feet. Stomach troubles may accompany the respiratory symptoms. The problem is worse in the evening and by talking or lying down. There is cough with itching in the larynx or the voice box. There is hoarseness of the voice which is worse in the evening. The voice becomes deep and rough which tends to fail on the slightest exertion. The breath is cold and he wants to be fanned.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Dr Naval Kumar - Joint Pains, Symptoms, Risk Factor and Treatments

Knee pain is common among the population in the world, especially in the old age. It is generally a special problem for runners - over 50 % coming from all athletes endure it every year. Knee joint pain could be the most prevalent musculoskeletal complaint that brings visitors to their doctor.
Anatomy of the Knee Joint
The knee joint's main function will be to bend, straighten, and bear the body weight of the body and also the ankles and hips. Your leg, more than just a basic hinged joint, however, also twists in addition to rotates. In order to perform these types of actions and to support the entire body while doing so, the knee relies on many structures including our bone tissues, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.
The knee joint involves some bones. The thighbone or femur comprises the most effective portion of the joint. One of several bones from the lower lower-leg (or leg area), the shin, affords the bottom weight-bearing percentage in the joint.
The kneecap or patella rides throughout the front of the femur.
The bone from the calf, the actual fibula, is not involved in the weight-bearing portion of the leg joint. It only provides tendon attachments intended for stability.
Do I want to ask why is this going to be important to you?
As we know Sacroiliac Joint pain is a condition that affects 15% to 25% of patients with axial low back pain, I would like to say it largest axial joint in the body Arthrodial synovial joint, the function of this joint is more for designed primarily for stability.
The function of SI joint?
This joint is playing as transmission and dissipation of trunk loads to the lower extremity With Limiting x-axis rotation, for woman it doing a great job as facilitating parturition (giving birth) and it provides various types of motions as
1.      Gliding
2.       Rotation
3.       Tilting
           The muscle surrounding this SI Joint.
           These SI joint cover-up muscles are functionally connected to SI joint ligaments, therefore their            actions can affect joint mobility and the Muscles involved:
·          Gluteus maximus and minimums
·          Piriformis
·          Biceps femoris
·          Quadratus lumborum
·          Erector spinae
Mechanism of Injury at SI Joint.

The mechanism of injuries related to SI joint most common due to combination of axial loading and abrupt rotation
In other problem is related to this mechanism are Pathological changes affecting SI joint structures
•        Capsular or synovial disruption
•        Capsular and ligamentous tension
•        Hypomobility or hypermobility
•        Extraneous compression or shearing forces
•        Abnormal joint mechanics
•        Microfractures or macrofractures
•        Soft tissue injury
•        Inflammation

The risk factor when having SI joint pain is
•         Leg length discrepancy
•         Gait abnormalities
•         Prolonged vigorous exercise
•         Scoliosis
•         Spinal fusion to the sacrum
•         Pregnancy (weight++)

The important thing to remember is a balanced diet is the best diet according to Chinese medicine. A good rule of thumb is to have all of the elements represented either in a dish or in a meal by using foods of every color. If your health situation demands that you're limiting your diet in some way - not eating meat, for example - make sure you're balancing your foods to fill that nutritional gap. Keep in mind that the gap created by removing milkshakes from your diet is relatively small. Are You Suffering From Joint Pain? Call Our Ayurveda Expert to Get You Panchkarma Kit on Your Door Step & Get Rid of Joint Pain Forever. 01125410265, 01125172076, 9999367159

Monday, 15 January 2018

Dr. Naval Kumar - India’s Best Homeopathic Treatment of Chikungunya Diseases

 Chikungunya is one of the viral diseases for which no specific cure or vaccine is available .it is not new to India. An epidemic was first reported in 1963 -1965 in Kolkata. Kolkata and Kerala were the worst affected states in 2008. No specific treatment or vaccine available at present for chikungunya, so only method is prevention. Chikungunya is a form of viral fever caused by an alphavirus that is caused by the aedesaegypti bite. Its name is derived from the “Makonde” means that which bend up due to stooped posture developed as a result of arthritic symtoms4.Chikungunya is a form of viral fever caused by alphavirus. It is spread up by the bite of an aedesaegypti mosquito. The incubation period of chikungunya is 2 – 3 days with a range of 1 to 12 days. It is an acute illness having symptoms fever, joint pain, headache, backache, arthralgia, and rash.

 Homeopathy medicine in epidemics:
According to sphered, homeopathy medicines gives the best result 5. There is a significant effect of Homeopathy in the control and management of the infectious epidemic disease. Dr. Hahnemann during a 1799 scarlet fever Outbreak in Germany observed that three children in the family contracted the disease, but the fourth one remains unaffected.The Fourth children had been treated with homeopathic medicine Belladonna due to a joint problem. Dr. Hahnemann himself prevented many epidemics with homeopathy.
Clinical Signs & Symptoms14
The majority of people infected with chikungunya virus turn out to be symptomatic. The incubation period is typically 3–7 days (range, 1–12 days). This means the disease manifests 1 to 12 days after the mosquito bite.
The symptoms of chikungunya include the following.
1.            Sudden onset of fever (> 40 C / 104 F)
2.            Pain in Head, acute headache with nausea.
3.            Severe pain in joints (or arthralgia), Muscular pain
4.            Swelling of Joints, limbs, face anywhere on the body
5.            Rash anywhere on the body
6.            Stiffness in joints (wrists, ankles, inter-phalangeal joints)
7.            Loss of taste
8.            Mouth ulcers
9.            Sometimes there may be infection of the conjunctiva of the eye and some photophobia
10.          Nausea and vomiting
11.          Bleeding or hemorrhage (may occur rarely).

Recovery from chikungunya virus infection without any medication found in most of the patients. Improvement occurs within a few days but sometimes pain continues for a longer duration. Over 12% of patients tend to develop chronic joint pains because this virus multiplies in muscles.
Detection of the virus. Viral nucleic acid and virus-specific immunoglobin in patient’s blood or plasma is confirmed laboratory diagnosis of chikungunya virus.
Rapid Chikungunya Viral culture may sense virus in the first 3 days of illness.
RT-PCR and ELISA is the research laboratory test for chikungunya.
RT-PCR is useful for detection of viral RNA from the blood draw from the patients of infection during acute phase .level of viremia is high during chikungunya infection which lasts for four to six days after onset of illness.
To confirm the diagnosis of chikungunya virus infections, RT-PCR is usually been done within first seven days of illness.
ELISA is useful for detection of both anti –CHIK Virus IgM & IgG antibodies from acute or convalescent samples.It requires a large amount of blood than other tests. The result of ELISA also requires two to three days.

After carefully studying symptoms of various patients and bearing in mind the Humidity of various states of India like Delhi NCR, Bombay, UP, few south Indian and north Indian states where relative humidity is more than 60 % and its considered as best for breeding of mosquitoes and the treatment modalities which corresponds to the humid weathers like Dulcamara, Aranea - Diadema, RhusTox, Bryonia-Alba, Arsenic-album, Natrum-sulph, Eupatorium perf, Rhododendron, Gelsemium etc.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Dr Naval Kumar - School Health and Homeopathy

Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Neither I nor my immediate family members have any Financial Interests or Significant Relationships that might affect – or reasonably appear to affect – this presentation on “Role of Homeopathy in Healthcare of School going children”
 Discuss various allergic, Lifestyle and stress related diseases of school going children.
Discuss various aspects of physical and Psychological health of children
 Define common problems in children-Obesity, allergies, & stress
 Explain its clinical manifestations and symptomatology.
 Explain Aetiological factors and preventive measures by Homeopathic treatment and lifestyle management.
 Recommend a unique10 step wellness program to prevent allergy and stress related problems in children
Children Diseases
1.        Most of common diseases of children are related to lack of activities, lack of right nutrition & fast food , electronic gadgets ,video games, television etc., allergies and stress problems.
2.       Common lifestyle problem seen in children is Obesity and its related disorders.
3.       Allergic problems-are most common amongst growing children due to pollution, food adulterations, food allergies etc. –the most common problems seen are, recurrent cold and cough, adenoids problems, asthma, atopic dermatitis etc.
4.      Psychological/stress related problems-these are very common in various age groups and it effects the performance in academics and changes in normal behavior like in teenagers, substance abuse etc.

Introduction of allergic diseases
Epidemiological studies indicate a world-wide and significant rise in atopic diseases over the past 10 years.
1.        It has adopted alarming magnitude within the industrialized world.
2.       allergic asthma and polyposis, in particular, are on the rise in Third world countries, in parallel to the industrialization and westernization of their life-style.
3.       Since both antigen exposure and the presence of additional realization factors are required for the manifestation of atopic diseases, this increase in prevalence is not surprising.
Some Signs and Symptoms of Asthma:
Wheezing, Coughing, Difficulty Breathing and/or shortness of breath A Serious Asthma Episode may include:
1.       Breathlessness that may cause the student to speak in one-to two word sentences or be unable to speak.
2.       The student may stop an activity and be unable to start again.
3.       The student’s neck muscles may tighten with each breath.
4.      Lips and nail beds may have a grayish or bluish color.
5.       Many students need to use their inhalers 15 – 30 minutes before physical education class to prevent asthma difficulties during periods of exercise. Do not deny a student’s request to come to the Health Office to use their inhaler.

Important Symptoms
1.        [Knerr] [Lower Limbs] Thighs: Burning: Flexor surface, on, later thick rashes from nettles.
2.       [Gentry] [The Face] Disappearance: Face ache and asthma, as after disappearance of tatters from face.
3.       [Special] [Asthma]Difficult: Eruptions, suppressed.
4.      [Special] [Asthma]Difficult: Change of weather.
5.       [Lippe] [Cough]Asthmatic cough.
6.      [Gentry] [Stomach]Milk: And warm food disagree.
7.       [Gentry] [Stomach]Food: Milk and warm food disagree.
8.      [Gentry] [Stomach]Aversion: To bread.
9.      [Phatak] [Phatak A-Z]Food & drinks (Agg. & Amel.): Buck wheat Agg.
10.    [Knerr] [Sleep]During sleep: Snoring (stertorous sleep).
11.     [Knerr] [Respiration]Asthma: Mental condition: Emotions, after.
12.    [Special ] [Asthma]Difficult: Cold, after taking: Remedies for Child Allergies.
Few Remedies found clinically beneficial for allergies of various types during clinical work in NHC.
1. Arsenic Album
2. Belladonna
 3. Ipecac
 4. Hepar Sulph
5. Kali Carb
 6. Pulsatilla
7. Nux Vomica
 8. Rhus Tox
9. Psorinum
Summarize Life style problems are very common problems and Homeopathy has an important role in prevention and treatment of these Need to know how to screen school children, when to begin, and how often to follow up with help of parents, school authorities and Government Need to start preventive measures at initial symptoms of Obesity, allergies and stress related disorders like learning and behavioral problems Need to educate masses about role and efficacy of homeopathy as a holistic care, preventive medicine Need to make awareness about safety ,efficacy, and availability of Homeopathy on various children diseases. For more detail contact us at + 91-9999367159 or visit